Treatment Timeline

August 2002 – We get married and pitch the birth control, but aren’t “trying” per se

July 2006 – We decide the time is right for a baby and figure it will happen pretty quickly, since I’m 25 and all.

August 2007- After 13 months of trying, I tell my OB that I’m still not pregnant,  he tells me I am still so young! (I’m 26)  Has hubby take a sperm analysis and tells me to come back in three months for some clo.mid.

September 2007- Sperm checks out a ok!

November 2007- I decide to try Chinese medicine before Clo.mid.  Start acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. Giving this until the end of the year.

December 31, 2007 – Ok, maybe a little longer?

February, 2008 – Consult w/ a new doc. Turns out that Doc #1 was a big liar and hubby’s sperm is not as good as we were led to believe. Her assignment?  Another test for him and some bloodwork for me.

February, 2008- Hubby’s got sperm!

March 2008 – Bloodwork indicates that I didn’t ovulate this month. We’ll be repeating the test in April.

April 2008- Bloodwork  came back normal

May 2008 – The HSG from hell

September 2008- Normal thyroid, normal progesterone, normal prolactin

November 2008 – Clomid IUI of Love #1 results in an anovulatory cycle, a bunch of cysts and no pregnancy.

December 2008 – Month off to wait for the cysts to go away.

December 2008 / January 2009 – Femara IUI of Love #2 (Failed)

February 2009 – Femara IUI of Love #3 (Failed)

March 2009 – Femara IUI of Love #4 (Failed)

August 2009- Diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure. Bummer. Start Lupron 8/18 for September IVF

September 2009- Eight eggs, two fertilized, one embryo.  (Epic Fail)

Fall / Winter 2009 – Hit the Chinese medicine extra hard, try to figure out what to do next. Considering infant adoption, older child foster adoption, embryo adoption, egg donation, more IVF with our own gametes, and giving up and going on ph.ish tour – all within the span of a typical day.

March 2010 – IUI #5 w/ meno.pur (Fail)

April 2010 – Go see the new RE in town (now we have two!) and he runs an AMH test. Comes back low. Great, now I have low AMH to go with my high FSH.

June 3 2010 – Start stims for our “last chance” IVF cycle. New RE is going with his most aggressive stimulation, as well as ICSI, to give us as many embryos as possible. Best case scenario would mean a BFP and embryos to freeze for future kidlets, since I am now pushing 30 w/ premature ovarian failure.

July 2010 – IVF #2 is another fail. 6 eggs, 2 fertilize, 3 day transfer of two #1 grade rockstar embryos.

Currently figuring out where to go from here.


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