Slow progress

June 12, 2010 at 5:02 pm 2 comments

I survived getting out of bed at 5:30 this morning and making the drive down to the “real” clinic.  I’m glad to have had the opportunity to find the clinic and meet the staff before the big day.

Some highlights:

  • Not a lot of follicles – only 5 or 6 total. One that is already too big that will be sacrificed.
  • I will probably need an extra day or two of stimming. (I was expecting this)
  • They had a heck of a time drawing my blood. It required three sticks total. They seem to think I have scar tissue on one of my veins from my last IVF, and that is why it hurts so bad.
  • The doctor said “IF we get to retreival…” Which made me a bit panicky. But then he called a few hours later and said everything looked good with my blood.
  • I made it home in time for the farmer’s market!

I’m trying really hard to not just give up. But I’m exhausted and stressed and hormonal, and starting to go just a little mad!


Entry filed under: IVF #2 - the cycle of hope and happiness.

5 down, 6 to go – updated Signs I am running out of hope – updated

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  • 1. Pundelina  |  June 12, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    I’m thinking of you – 5 or 6 follies sounds lovely to me and I’m glad your doc is happy!

  • 2. Kate (Bee In The Bonnet)  |  June 13, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    I’m glad your doctor called back with better news. That “IF” would have freaked me out! Glad you made it back in time for the farmer’s market. My mom has been exploring all the local farmer’s market, but I’ve just been too tired to go with her. Which is too bad, because it’s one of my favorite things to do.

    You sound like you’re at that point, the one where you’re just sick of the whole business and hormonal and tired from all the rigamorole of IVF. That’s a hard place to be at, because that’s the point where you really have to just muster your strength and keep moving forward. I’m hoping you’re able to leave all that insanity behind you and plow onward, despite how hard it is! I am definitely thinking all the best things for you, sending all the strength I can your direction.


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After 5 IUIs, 2 IVFs, and the diagnosis of diminished ovarian reserve at the ripe old age of 29, I am now looking for information on embryo donation and adoption. I'm taking a break from blogging but will return when our path out of the world of IF becomes more clear.

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