Just a few little hoops

May 21, 2010 at 3:26 pm 2 comments

Only a few more little hoops to jump through before this cycle can get kick started… Because I am with a new doctor now I have to attend an IVF orientation party on Monday where I will learn all about how to mix drugs and inject myself.

Peh, I’m already a pro so that will be no biggie. During the orientation party they will also order all of my drugs that will arrive on my doorstep in a big box. This is the part I am looking forward to the most, because my last doctor sold me the drugs himself, so I was just given a box of meno.pur here, a vial of progesterone there… just enough to get me through to my next blood draw appointment. So I was denied the giant box of drugs.

Then on Thursday I have a saline sonogram to make sure everything with my uterus is normal, and to get a better look at my new friend the fibroid who seems to have joined the party recently and make sure it isn’t in a place that will cause problems.

I’m on a break from school right now and am so grateful for that, because this whole IVF cycle planning thing is getting to be like a full time job. I’ve put super husband in charge of booking our hotel room and dog sitter for egg retrieval day because I am going crazy with all of the scheduling! I feel like this is all happening so fast… once we decided to do a cycle this summer it became do a cycle NOW because we are traveling in August. On one hand I would have liked more time to plan, but on the other hand the rush is good, because it gives me less time to think and worry about everything.

I’m only on the fourth day of birth control pills, but thankfully am not feeling any side effects (yet). I’m remembering now that I spent most of my teen years thinking I was going insane because my body doesn’t tolerate the pill very well. I keep getting the feeling that super husband is mad at me, and I don’t know if that is his response to being stressed about IVF or my own delusions created by the BCPs.

(probably the latter…)

But it’s been a beautiful summer and I am determined to have the IVF cycle of hope and happiness be just that.


Entry filed under: IVF #2 - the cycle of hope and happiness.

Here we go! overwhelmed

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  • 1. Kate (Bee In The Bonnet)  |  May 21, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    I find it hilarious that you get to go to IVF drug “orientation”/party again… Maybe they’ll have new info for you, but seriously. Once you’ve been through a cycle, you’re pretty well versed in how to mix your meds!

    Yes, the big box o’ drugs is fun! Of course, I received mine when I was on vacation in Texas (since I had to start Lup.ron the morning I was departing), so I had to pack them in my carry-on for the return flight home. That was fun, trying to make sure all those little boxes and bags of syringes fit and wouldn’t fall out while heading through security (and then, being told that I was .5 lbs over the luggage weight limit and had to find room in my carry on for something, when there wasn’t room in my carry on because of all those tiny boxes and bags of syringes, and having to sort it all out in front of the airline counter, while sobbing because the Lup.ron just put me over the edge…).

    Anyway, yes. Big box o’ drugs. Cycle craziness. BCP insanity. It’s all such a bunch of garbage, but at the same time, I am so excited for you for this next chance at building your family!

  • 2. Krissi  |  May 23, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    Hi! I remember all those steps with my first IVF! It’s hard to believe that was 4 years ago! I wish you all the best! I just added your link to my blog and I will come back to check in on you! “IVF party!” Love it! 😉


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After 5 IUIs, 2 IVFs, and the diagnosis of diminished ovarian reserve at the ripe old age of 29, I am now looking for information on embryo donation and adoption. I'm taking a break from blogging but will return when our path out of the world of IF becomes more clear.

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