mild freak out

June 1, 2008 at 4:54 pm 4 comments

A mild freak out is commencing in First Comes Love Land, relating to my general health post HSG. And since my doc is closed on Sundays, I am appealing to the land of the Internet for some guidance.

Here’s a brief timeline:

  • Thursday: The day of the HSG
  • Friday: I feel totally fine
  • Saturday: I start to have some pain in my knees after walking
  • Sunday: I break out in a rash all over my legs. It itches, but isn’t too bad.
  • Monday: The rash on my legs spreads to my arms. Still itchy
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: The pain in my knees is worse, and now my calves and thighs hurt as well. Still rashy and itchy
  • Thursday: I wake up early, get in the shower, and pass out. Still sore and itchy.
  • Friday: The rash finally subsides, but now I have extreme pain in my elbows, knees, legs, and finger joints. The pain is worse in the morning and give me a bit of relief at night.
  • Saturday: Rash seems to be gone, but the pain is still in all of my joints. My feet and hands start to swell. I can’t fit in my regular jeans. I can’t put on my wedding band. My neck has stiffened up and I can’t turn my head
  • Sunday: Still no rash, but still in a lot of pain. I can barely walk up and down steps. My hands and feet are still swollen, I can’t wear anything except stretchy yoga pants. My neck is better. A visit to the scale reports that I am 5 lbs heavier then I was three days ago.

SO, I probably should have called the doc during the week, but work happened and I genuinely thought that I would get better on my own. I really thought everything was coincidental – I had used a new sunscreen the day I broke out in the rash, and I do A LOT of walking in bad shoes, which is where I thought the knee pain was coming from. It wasn’t until the swelling started yesterday that I started to get really concerned. I have done some research on Iodine contrast dye allergies, and it says that there are rare occurances of rashes after HSG procedures, but not to worry about it.  I am worrying about it.



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  • 1. Io  |  June 1, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    Um, I have NO ideas about what could be going on. I wish I did – It sounds terrible! I hope you get better quickly!

  • 2. Kymberli  |  June 2, 2008 at 6:54 am

    Oh, goodness! Now that it’s Monday, I hope you’re able to get in to see your doctor today. Those are crazy side effects and I wish I had some answers for you. I’ll check back later to see how you’re feeling!

  • 3. Kate  |  June 2, 2008 at 11:32 am

    Dude. Get yourself to the doctor today. Fuck work. You need to be healthy. Inflammation is always a sign that something is amiss, and even if the rash is going away, you need to find out what is causing the swelling reaction.

    That said, this is *probably* nothing. Of course, I, being the queen of hypochondria, totally advocate a quick trip to the doc to make sure that you really will get well on your own. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

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