I was tagged! (like, a week ago)

May 14, 2008 at 6:44 pm 1 comment

So I was tagged by the lovely, amazing, awesome Annacycolpedia and then went out of town for a bit. But now I am back! Woot woot! And here it goes!

4 things I did 10 years ago:

  1. Hmmm, so 10 years ago was 1998. I was 17/18 and a junior/senior in high school. That year I was the entertainment editor of my high school paper, and found out that I was going to be the big cheese editor in chief my senior year.
  2. I saw a ton of live music. Phish, REM, Bela Fleck, Tori Amos, String Cheese, They Might Be Giants… I probably went to at least two concerts a month
  3. I purchased my first car, a two door honda accord, and got a job at the mall to pay for it.
  4. I went to a summer program at Boston University, relished my first grasp at freedom, and saw a lot of Red Sox games.

4 things I did 5 years ago:

  1. Five years ago – 2003,  I was 22/23. Well, right before my 23rd birthday I got married. That was pretty awesome.
  2. We had to put our darling dog down. She was husband’s through college and was my first real pet. Afterwords we got our current pup, who embodies all of the amazingness from the original pup plus some special snuggle power all her own.
  3. I got my first real professional job. I loved the job, and loved where I worked, but the commute (over an hour each way) in to a big city on the train every day nearly killed me, and was a big part of our move away.
  4. Why do I feel like my timeline is all wack? We got married in 2002, it will be 6 years in August? I guess that means we moved in 2003 and bought our first house? I don’t know.

4 things I did yesterday:

  1. Maybe I can get this one right.  I went to the gym and bonded with the elliptical and a trashy magazine
  2. Grilled a delishious dinner of pork chops, orzo, and home grown greens
  3. Fell asleep watching John Adams
  4. Puttered in the garden

4 shows I love to watch:

  1. Entourage
  2. Survivor
  3. ANTM
  4. Project Runway

4 things I love to do:

  1. Gardening (hard labor, stonescaping, digging, etc)
  2. knit
  3. photography
  4. Gardening (puttering, deadheading, spacing out)

Whew, that was a lot of typing. In other news I am waiting for CD 1 so I can schedule my HSG. Should be any day now. Looking forward to starting the next chapter. Hurry up Aunt Flo, let’s get this over with!


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  • 1. kate  |  May 14, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    I love your list of things you like to do. Sounds like mine. I love both the hard labor and the more contemplative aspects of gardening, and they really are two quite different activities (different brain space alloted to each, I guess). And knitting is my winter activity, when I’m not reading. In the summer, I need to move around a bit more, I guess. And photography. Even though I’m totally amateur, I just love getting an awesome shot. Makes all the crappy ones worth it.


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